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Masters in Ireland / Post Graduate Studies 2022/2023


Ireland, and its monks and monasteries, were at the centre of learning in Europe as early as 500 AD, earning the title of Land of Saints and Scholars.
Also, it has universities dating back to 16th Century. Trinity College Dublin was granted its charter and university status in 1592. Maynooth University was founded in 1795, and University College Cork was formed in 1845.
Ireland’s past has instilled a great love and respect for education. Ireland’s educational achievement rates are among the highest in the world today. Over 85% of young people complete secondary school, and more than two-thirds of those pursue their higher education. In terms of graduates per 1,000 people, Ireland is #1 in Europe.

IRELAND is a vibrant, contemporary country with a youthful population and a global perspective. As the only English-speaking country in Europe, Ireland provides the opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture without overcoming a linguistic barrier. According to the IMD World Competitiveness Report 2008,

Masters in Ireland


has proven to be one of the best globally.

Study Masters in Ireland

Government’s investment in world-class universities in Ireland builds on the country’s long history of academic success.
In 18 scientific categories, Irish research is among the top 1% globally. Also, universities in Ireland are among the top 3% globally. Ireland has students from 160 different countries accounting for 12% of the student population.

Ireland has more than 30 higher education institutions (HEI) offering 5100 programs (approximately). It has a range of institutions, including 10 universities and 8 Institutes of Technology, in which 5 Institutions featured in World’s top 500 QS World University Rankings.

MS in Ireland is a popular 1 to 2 year degree program (primarily for 1 year) that can be completed in various styles i.e., course-based, research-oriented, or a combination of both. In leading

Universities in Ireland for Masters

, almost 32,000 international students are enrolled in various disciplines.

Ireland masters fees

is anything between Rs 9 to Rs 24 lakhs per year for Indian students.

Masters in Ireland Universities

Duration1 to 2 years
Application PortalPostgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) or Respective University Portals
Application FeeApplication fee to apply for masters in Ireland universities ranges from 35 to 50 Euros. However, it is not charged by all.
Exams RequiredIELTS, PTE, DET & TOEFL
Work ExperienceMasters in Computer Science
Masters in Data Analytics/ Data Science in Ireland
Masters in Law
Masters in Cyber Security
Masters in Artificial Intelligence
Masters in Cloud Computing
Masters in Business Analytics
Masters in Project Management
Masters in Finance
Masters in Fintech
Masters in Supply Chain Management
MBA General (plus MBA in Various Fields)
Masters in Digital Marketing
Masters in Biotechnology
Masters in Food Science
Masters in Mechanical Engineering
Masters in Psychology
Masters in Physiotherapy, etc.
Salaries at Fresher Level with MS in Ireland40,000 to 46,000 EUR per annum (approximately).

Why Study Masters in Ireland Universities?

  • English Speaking Country: Ireland is an English speaking country and all courses are taught in English language.
  • Specialized Courses: It offers a wide array of specialized courses that are industry-specific and job-oriented. Popular courses have been listed above.
  • World Class Teaching:

    Masters in Ireland


    offers you an outstanding teaching procedure with a world-class education and helps you to connect with industry experts. Courses are also research specific allowing you to pursue PHD later.

  • Part Time Work Permit: Ireland offers part time work opportunity while studying. Students can work for 20 hrs / week with a minimum wage of 10 Euros per hour (approximately) that can help recover some portion of

    Ireland Masters fees


  • Scholarships: There are scholarships ranging from 10% to 100% for

    Masters in Ireland

    programs. However, it purely depends on student’s academics & experience (in some cases). It can help in reducing

    Ireland Masters fees


  • Post Study Stay Back Option:
    Masters in Ireland

    for International students

    gives the option of staying back for up to 2 years after finishing the course. This is to look for job opportunities and work there. This makes applying for PR much easier.

  • Career Opportunities in Ireland: Ireland has World’s lowest corporation tax. Due to this, many Multinationals have made their headquarters in Ireland. It has more than 1500 MNCs based there. It has 9 out of top 10 Global ICT companies, 8 of the top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Companies, 6 of the top 7 Diagnostic Companies, 8 of the top 10 Gaming Companies. It is also known as the Silicon Valley of Europe.
  • Names of MNCs in Ireland: Names of some of the MNCs having their offices in Ireland are Google, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Pfizer, Amazon, Medtronic, Baxter, Intel, Facebook, Twitter, Symantec, IBM, Citibank, etc. They all provide good career opportunity to students. Thus,
    MS in Ireland for Indian students

    is widely recommended.

Types Of Teaching for MS in Ireland

MS in Ireland can be done in two formats i.e. research based and taught.

  • Ireland’s Taught Masters: This comprises MSc, MEng, MBA, and MA degree programs among others. This category also includes a variety of graduate certifications in various areas.
  • Ireland’s Research Masters: This includes degrees such as MPhil, MD, and certain PhDs and MSc degrees which are specifically developed for students with a commitment to research. These programs are longer in duration, less expensive, and require the supervision of an academic supervisor for the most part.

Ms in Ireland Admission Requirement and Documents Required

Eligibility for

Masters in Ireland


is generally university specific. However, some standard eligibility requirements and documents required for institutions in Ireland during the application process are described below:

  • A three to four year bachelor’s degree in a related discipline or its equivalent is required. There are conversion courses also available in Ireland Universities.
  • Entry Requirement for

    Masters in Ireland

    is usually an overall aggregate of 60% in Universities, 60% in Institutes of Technology and above 50% for Colleges. The admission requirements for

    Masters in Ireland

    varies according to the course you choose and the institution you study in.

  • Official Transcripts (scanned and translated into English)
  • LOR for updated CV/Resume (two to three)
  • Statement of purpose (SOP) / Essay written by student
  • Many courses in the field of design need a work portfolio as part of the application process.
  • For few courses, candidates will be required to attend a personal interview. These interviews are conducted online.
  • For some courses for
    MS in Ireland for Indian Students

    and other students, both national and international, like

    MS in computer science Ireland

    , a basic understanding of programming languages such as C, C++, or Java is a must.

  • GMAT/ GRE is not required mostly (maybe required for few courses). Work Experience is also optional.

Names of Universities in Ireland to Study Masters

There are 10

Universities in Ireland for Masters

, 8 Institutes of Technology and other colleges in Ireland with World Class infrastructure. These are:

  • Trinity College Dublin

Located in Dublin, it is one of the best options for

masters in Ireland

for Indian students

. The average

masters in Ireland


at Trinity College Dublin is Rs 16 lacs per year. It requires a minimum percentage of between 60 to 69% with a
bachelor’s degree in a relevant field for which a candidate is applying.

For MBA in Ireland you must also have a minimum work experience of 3 to 5
years and a GMAT score of a minimum of 550. Furthermore, two Letters of recommendation, a CV, and an SOP of 500
words are a few other necessities.

  • University College Dublin

Located in Dublin,

masters in Ireland

for Indian students

in University College Dublin costs Rs 15 lacs per year. It requires a minimum GPA of 60% with a bachelor’s

  • Dublin City University

Located In Dublin,

masters in Ireland

for Indian students

in Dublin City University costs Rs 12 lacs per year. It requires a minimum GPA of 60% with a bachelor’s degree.

  • National University of Ireland, Galway

Located in Galway, MS in Ireland at National University of Ireland, Galway, costs Rs 13 lacs per year. It requires a
minimum GPA of 60% with a bachelor’s degree.

  • University College Cork

Located in Cork, MS in Ireland at University College Cork costs Rs 14 lacs per year. It requires a minimum GPA of
60% with a bachelor’s degree. Few courses require ielts/ det at the time of application.

  • Maynooth University

Located in Maynooth, masters at Maynooth University costs Rs 12 lacs per year. It requires a minimum GPA of 58% with
a bachelor’s degree.

  • University of Limerick

Located in Limerick, masters at University of Limerick costs Rs 12 lacs per year. It requires a minimum GPA of 60%
with a bachelor’s degree.

  • Technological University Dublin

Located in Dublin, masters at Technological University Dublin costs Rs 12 lacs per year. It requires a minimum GPA
of 60% with a bachelor’s degree. It also requires a 4 year bachelor degree.

  • Munster Technological University

Located in the city of Cork, masters at Munster Technological University costs Rs 12 lacs per year. It requires a
minimum GPA of 60% with a bachelor’s degree.

  • Technological University Of The Shannon

Having campuses in Limerick city, Athlone, Thurles, Clonmel & Ennis, masters at Technological University of the
Shannon costs Rs 10 lacs per year approximately. It requires a minimum GPA of 60% with a bachelor’s degree.

Career Prospects After Studying In Ireland

Universities in Ireland for Masters

give you a strong platform to look for high paying jobs later on. Please find below details of few high paying industries in Ireland where you can work after finishing your studies in Ireland:

  1. Healthcare

    Healthcare industry in Ireland provides for very good and high paying job opportunities. In healthcare industry you can expect a salary of between 90,000 Euros to 1,25,000 Euros per annum. You can work either as a Researcher, Physiotherapist, Healthcare manager, Sales or Marketing Director/ Executive in a government/ non government, Pharma companies, health related organisation, etc. Demand for healthcare workers has been rising in Ireland over the years and is expected to be good in future.

    MS in Ireland cost

    looks quite small in front of these salary/ income figures.

  2. Information Technology (IT)

    Ireland is also known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, and hence, its Information Technology industry is booming. There are many lucrative job opportunities available after doing

    MS from Ireland

    . Salaries can range from 90,000 Euros to 1,05,000 Euros per annum for people in this industry. However, it would depend on individual person to person. One can work as a data scientist, analyst, cloud architect, technical supervisor, software developer, systems solutions engineer, etc.

  3. Finance & Business

    After finishing your studies in business or finance field one can expect a good job as opportunities are tremendous. Students can start their own business also. There are Multinational Companies in this field in Ireland like E & Y,KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, etc. Also, all companies require people from finance and business background at all levels in their organization. Hence demand for such people is good. Salaries can range from 80,000 Euros to 1,45,000 Euros per annum. So

    master in Ireland cost

    does not look significant in front return generated.

  4. Legal

    After studying Legal programs in Ireland, students can look at becoming a Lawyer (also known as Solicitor), Legal Advisor, etc. This sector is well paying sector with salaries/ income ranging from 60,000 Euros to 1,35,000 Euros per annum.

  5. Engineering

    There are good job prospects for engineering students as they can become Aeronautical Engineers, Project Managers, Automation Engineers, etc. Salaries range from 61,000 Euros to 89,000 Euros per annum. Students can easily recover their

    MS in Ireland cost

    within 1 to 2 years.

Interested to Study In Ireland?

Get List Of Universities As Per Your Profile

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