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Why Should You Do Masters in Ireland?

This article will tell you about 3 most important points about why should you do your Masters in Ireland


Ireland has World ranked universities like Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University College Cork, etc . Universities & Colleges in Ireland have english taught programs with low tuition fees which starts from Rs 9 lacs per year going upto Rs 20 lacs. On top of that they give good scholarships.

Also, Masters in Ireland is for 1 year only after which you get a 2 years post study stay back option. This means that you can actually start working in Ireland immediately after doing your masters & start earning in euros.


Ireland has a wide variety of extremely specialized skill based Masters courses, for example, it has courses like Masters in Data Science, Financial Analytics, Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Masters in Food Sciences, etc.
These courses are very job specific and the curriculum is updated as per industry requirement. This means that these courses will help you to build your strong specialized skillset as per the industry needs and ultimately lead you to a bright future.


There are excellent career opportunities after doing your Masters from Ireland. For example, after doing masters in data science, Data Analysts can expect a starting salary of apprx 42000 Euros per annum (can vary). Data Science is also a part of critical skills occupation list of Ireland.
Ireland is an IT hub and is called the Silicon Valley of Europe with companies like Google, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Now, something about MBA in Ireland

A lot of people don’t know that Ireland is home to more than 1500 MNCs and also has World’s top ICT Companies, top Medical Device Companies, top Financial Services Companies, top Pharma Companies, etc. Starting salary for MBA is approx 30-35000 Euros per annum (can vary)
We hope that the above information is really useful.

Global Edge represents all Irish universities, colleges and institutes of technology directly and has expertise in Irish student visa.

If you feel that you would still like to have more clarity on the above, you can simply call us at +011- 48475000. Our head office is in Green Park, New Delhi.

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