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Ireland Student Visa

Global Edge is the official representative of all Universities in Ireland. We have been sending students for studying in Ireland and other countries for more than 11 years. We are


study visa consultants in Delhi

sending students to Ireland, UK, Germany, etc. As

student visa consultants

in Delhi we assist students to shortlist course, university and country as per their academic profile. We also assist students in university applications & visa file preparation. Our visa success rate is more than 97%, thus, making us one of the

best visa consultants in Delhi

. This page will give detailed information on requirements for visa for Ireland for studies.


Before travel to Ireland for studies, students have to apply for Ireland student visa which is also called stamp 2 visa. This is granted for 90 days for international students which has to be stamped in Ireland for extension for up to 1 year. Ireland student visa fees is approx. Rs 17,210 which includes mandatory Check & Verify (this amount can change anytime without prior notice) and is paid online at the time of taking visa appointment through online application form (after students complete the online application form).


Ireland student visa from India

can be applied from Delhi, Mumbai (South), Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Cochin, Jalandhar, Kolkata & Pune through VAC (Visa Application Centre/ VFS) office. However, there is only one Embassy of Ireland in India which is in New Delhi. Biometrics are done and student visa file/ documents are scanned and submitted in VAC/ VFS . For Ireland student visa, scanned copies of all documents are sent to the Embassy through online/ email, and original passport is sent physically for visa approval. It may take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks from the date of submitting the visa application for visa processing. Students can apply for

Ireland study visa

minimum 4 months before the course starts ( as per the current rule).


Ireland student visa file should be prepared with utmost care before a student plans to file for


Ireland study visa

. Embassy of Ireland has issued a checklist for

Ireland student visa requirements

. Any Ireland

student visa consultant

in India should be following this checklist. We advise students to follow this checklist diligently before applying for study visa. The Embassy has even specified the order in which study visa documents have to be arranged. It is extremely important for students to understand importance of these points as Irish Embassy follows it before issuing Ireland student visa. Some of the important points from the checklist are listed below:

  • Attach receipt of Ireland student visa fees paid along with appointment date printout in the visa file.
  • Visa Supplementary Form having contact details of the applicant, family members, sponsors, etc is also a must.
  • 2 passport sized photographs with white background showing 80% face are required.
  • Statement of purpose is extremely important while applying for Irish visa. Gaps in your educational degree/ qualifications should be well explained in SOP.
  • Coloured Photocopies of all pages of all previous passports and current passport have to be submitted.
  • Ireland University “Offer Letter” clearly mentioning the course fees and course start date is very important.
  • A separate scholarship letter or scholarship mentioned in the university offer letter should also be submitted.
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a mandatory document. The applicant has to apply for the same from Passport Sewa Kendra website only. It may take anywhere from 10 to 15 days for this process to get completed. Usually, PCC issued by Police is not accepted. A lot of students don’t take this seriously, and usually their visa application gets delayed because of non receipt of this document.
  • Students have to show availability of funds for tuition plus living for the entire course duration. This is extremely important to comply with before

    Ireland study visa

    is issued. You can get in touch with us to understand more on this in depth.

  • Source of funds for the above is also extremely important. Preferably, funds should be 6 months old, however, even if funds are not that old, their legitimate source is extremely important. There are certain sources of funds/ sponsors that are allowed. Their supporting documentation has to be submitted. You may contact us for more information on the same.
  • Funds towards Living for atleast 10,000 euros per year have to be shown in

    Ireland study visa


  • Universities or Colleges in Ireland will issue unconditional offer letter (Letter Of Acceptance as some may call it) after submission of valid English Language Test. This can be IELTS, PTE or TOEFL. These days, Duolingo English Test (DET) is also being accepted by Ireland universities. English test score is a must before applying for study visa. To learn more about minimum score required for Ireland student visa, you can contact us.
  • Complete educational history with marksheets of class 10th and 12th along with Bachelors (Graduation are required. Degree certificate is also required. A lot of students don’t have their complete set of marksheets available and hence get badly stuck while making university applications. Study visa will not be issued if academic documents are incomplete.
  • Students have to buy Private Medical Insurance from authorized Insurance companies. You can speak to us to learn more about which companies issue this.
  • If a student has work experience, then all previous company’s joining and relieving letters are required to be filed.
  • Education loan is accepted as a source of fund towards payment of tuition fees. It is advisable to apply for education loan well in advance as it may take a lot of time for its approval. There are some banks that are providing education loan for tuition plus living both. However, their main concern is to check candidate’s ability and intention to pay. They may or may not ask for collateral before giving loan sanction letter.
  • False or misleading information should be avoided as it can lead to rejection of visa application by the visa office.

To get a complete checklist of


study in Ireland visa

, you can call us and we will be glad to assist you. Don’t take risk of applying for

Ireland study visa

without understanding all the points in detail as it may lead to visa rejection.

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