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Do you want to know the advantages of doing Masters in Data Analytics in Ireland?

Global Edge is authorized representative of all Ireland universities, institutes and colleges.

3 most important advantages of doing your Masters in Data Analytics from Ireland are:

Colleges & Universities in Ireland have Masters in Data Analytics courses starting from Rs 9 lacs onwards.
Also, masters in data analytics in ireland is for 1 year only. After study in Ireland (esp masters course), you get a 2 years stayback option. This means that you can start working in Ireland immediately after doing your masters.

Also, Data Analysts can expect their salary to be between 40,000 to 80,000 euros per annum depending on industry and experience. This means that by spending 9 lacs on tuition fees you can expect to earn approx 32 lacs per year as starting salary.

There are superb career prospects after studying data analytics from Ireland

You can become a:
data analyst
data scientist
quantitative analyst
business analyst
business intelligence consultants
Data engineer
database administrator
data warehouse consultants, etc

Data Analytics candidates can work in any industry and domain. They are becoming extremely important for all businesses.

They can get jobs in sectors like healthcare, financial services, food, pharma, sports at nearly all levels like sales, marketing, retail, planning, etc.

Some of the companies hiring data analysts are:

Accenture, Aer Lingus, Amazon, Apple, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bank of Ireland, etc

Since data analytics is a part of critical skills occupation list of ireland, even without work experience, data analysts are in good demand. Also, if you have a job as a data analyst, you can apply for PR quite early.

Future scope of data analytics in Ireland

Accenture, Gartner and McKinsey have all identified Data Analytics as one of the fastest growing employment areas in computing.

Irish Government has invested approx €49 million in data analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in december 2019 apart from other big investments earlier. Government of Ireland ‘s policy is to become a leading country in Europe for big data & data analytics.

Also, due to brexit happening, there is a strong buzz that technology companies are looking at opening offices in Ireland thus bringing a huge demand for data analytics. One more thing, there is a strong startup ecosystem in the field of data science in Ireland.

We hope that the above information that we have shared is really useful for you.

Global Edge has been sending students for overseas education for more than 11 years.

If you feel that you would still like to have more clarity on the above or studies in ireland, or would like to apply to universities in Ireland you can simply call us at 011- 48475000 or mail us at office@globaledge.net.in and we will be glad to assist you. Our head office is in Green Park, New Delhi.

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