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List of Universities in Canada

There are 97 public universities in Canada and all of these accept international students. These universities are spread over ten provinces in Canada.

  • List of Universities in Canada (Including Top Universities in Canada)

Universities in Alberta

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Universities in British Columbia (Includes Universities in Vancouver)

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Universities in Manitoba

[table id=5 /]

Universities in New Brunswick

[table id=6 /]

Universities in Newfoundland & Labrador

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Universities in Nova Scotia

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Universities in Ontario (Includes Universities in Toronto)

[table id=9 /]

Universities in Prince Edward Island

[table id=10 /]

Universities in Québec

[table id=11 /]

Universities in Saskatchewan

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Untold Points About Education in Canada

Do not apply if the IELTS criteria is not met. The course chosen should be as per your last qualification or substantial work experience. Please do not apply for the course if you have several failed courses in that subject. Please check the backlogs accepted by every...

Facts About Canada

Capital of Canada- Ottawa. How many provinces are there in Canada- 10. How many territories are there in Canada- 3. Which are the popular cities in Canada- Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg. Economy- Canada is a world leader in gas and oil,...

Why Study in Canada

Multicultural society Affordable Education English Speaking Programmes Co-op Programmes Very good post study work visa Education recognised all over the world One of the World’s best universities are in Canada High possibility of permanent residency Healthy, safe and...

System of Education in Canada

There are 97 public universities and 47 SDS (Student Direct Student) Colleges in Canada and all of these accept international students. Canada has 5 universities which are in the top 100 World ranking. These are : University of Toronto University of British Columbia...

Undergraduate Studies in Canada

Diplomas (which are for minimum 2 years). Associate Degree (which is for 3 years usually). Bachelor’s Degree (which is for 4 to 5 years). There are also transfer degress available i.e. College Diplomas leading to University Degrees.

Masters in Canada

You can pursue Post Graduate Diploma (also called PGD in Canada) or Certificate Course (ie for less than one year) available in colleges and universities. Master’s Courses (Degree Courses) are in universities- usually for 2 years Doctorate Degree (which is for 2-4...

List of Colleges in Canada

There are 43 SDS colleges in Canada that have DLI number and all of these accept international students. These colleges are spread over six provinces in Canada. List of SDS Colleges in Canada with DLI number (Updated list of 2019 – Gets updated from time to time.)SDS...

MBA in Canada Universities

MBA in Canada is a very sought after program and offers various specialisations like marketing, human resource, international business, finance, supply chain management etc. Cost of MBA in Canada varies from Rs 20 lacs to 45 lacs  for a 2 year program. Entry...

Engineering Studies in Canada

Engineering programs are highly competitive in Canada thus making the standard of entry high. To pursue undergraduate diploma in engineering, minimum 65-70% in class 12th with strong marks in Maths is required. Universities require above 75-80%. Post Graduate Diploma...

Course Duration And Tuition Fees In Canada

Course Duration Undergraduate courses in Canada are for 3 or 4 years. Most of the Masters courses in Canada are for 2 years, whereas, PG Diploma courses can be for 1 or 2 years . Most of the courses in Canada have Co-op work placement a part of the curriculum. Tuition...

Eligibility For Universities in Canada

Eligibility  To pursue Bachelors Degree in Canada one should have minimum 55% in 12th to apply to Community Colleges or min 70% to apply to Universities (Maths is important). Overall marks are seen. To pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Colleges in Canada one should have...

IELTS and Intakes in Canada Universities

IELTS IELTS score of overall 6.0 no band less than 6.0 is mandatory for international students to study in Canada. TOEFL/PTE is accepted in universities. Canadian colleges and universities do not accept applications without IELTS TRF score card. Due to Covid-19,...

Course Duration for Colleges & Universities in Canada

Undergraduate Courses in Colleges and Universities in Canada are for 3 or 4 years. Most of the Masters Courses in Universities in Canada are for 2 years. PG Diploma Courses in Universities and Colleges in Canada can be for 1 or 2 years. Most of the Courses in...

Co-op Programs in Colleges Of Canada

Some courses have industrial work as a part of their study curriculum and students have to work off-campus for a few weeks to a few months. This is often seen in case of Co-op and Internship programmes.  Students are paid for this work. Points to Know about a Co-op...

Popular Courses in Canada

These are MBA, Data Science, Networking, Mobile computing, Cyber Security, AI, Business Analytics, Finance, Human Resource Management , Engineering, Suppy Chain Management, Project Management, Renewable Energy, Biosciences, Healthcare, Education, Travel and Tourism,...

Scholarships in Canada

Fees in colleges in Canada is extremely competitive and hence scholarships are usually not given. Colleges offer no scholarships. However, Universities in Canada provide scholarships on the basis of academic marks, extra-curricular activities, chosen subjects, etc....

Application Process & Documents Required

College and University applications to study in Canada are extremely critical as they involve spending time to fill up forms, providing letters of reference (LORS), referee details, preparing the statement of purpose (SOP), IELTS, etc and all documents have to be...

Part Time Work in Canada

Students are allowed to work 20 hrs/ week part time while they study in Canada. They can work full time when on vacations. Average wage rate is CAD $13.6 per hr. Students may work on the campus of the institution they are studying at, without a work permit, if they...

Post Study Work After Studies

Students would be eligible for a 1 year stay back after pursuing one year’s course . After completing a 2 years course, students are eligible for a 3 year’s stay back in Canada. If a student does 2 courses of 1 year each back to back then he can apply for 3 years psw...

Career Prospects After Studies

Specialized programs are in demand in Canada such as Finance, Business Analytics, Networking, Telecommunications, Hospitality, etc. College & University graduates are getting excellent job opportunities in Canada. Average starting salary is approx. Rs 19-25 lacs...

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