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Study Abroad consultants in delhi
Study Abroad consultants in delhi

Global Edge Sends Students to More than 21 Countries Worldover

1. Advantages of Education Abroad

  1. You get to study in Worlds Top Rank Universities that have excellent infrastructure.
  2. Development of International Outlook and Networking
  3. Chance to study specialized & practical work oriented programs.
  4. Permanent Residency Options
  5. Excellent jobs and salaries after study
  6. Some medical/science programs are cheaper overseas than in India, etc.
Advantages of Education Abroad
Top Universities

2. Top Universities

We counsel & assist our students to get admission in the top universities of the World, like Oxford (UK), Cambridge (UK), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), University Of Toronto (Canada), Wharton Business School (USA), etc. Our team of experts ensure a smooth process and a perfect application.

3. Selection of University & Country

  1. A good university & country for you would be one which “best fits” in terms of budget, availability of desired course, university ranking (its recognition), post study stay back options, permanent residency options, economy & job market of that country.
  2. These are the key points that should be kept in mind before shortlisting university and country.
  3. Take assistance of to shortlist universities in various countries.
best study abroad consultants

4.Selection of Right Course

  1. Selection of right course depends on your academic background, work experience and future career goals.
  2. Some of the popular courses are Business Analytics, Data Science, Fintech, Health Science, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, MBA, etc.
  3. Some courses like law and medicine are offered after considering their acceptance and home country rules and registrations with the councils.


  1. Most countries require minimum 50% in academics alongwith IELTS, PTE or TOEFL score.
  2. Some countries also ask for GMAT/ GRE for Masters Program and SAT / ACT for Undergraduate Programs.
  3. Admission in top universities is very competitive and one needs to have a great overall profile to secure admission.
  4. Take assistance of  to get your profile evaluated for various universities.
Campus life housing scaled


Cost of overseas education differs from country to country. Below example will give you a more clear picture:

CountryTuition Fees/YrLiving Expenses/Yr
USARs 15 to 50 LacsRs 10 to 15 Lacs
CanadaRs 7.5 to 20 LacsRs 5.5 Lacs
UKRs 8 to 25 LacsRs 9 to 12 Lacs
IrelandRs 9 to 16 LacsRs 8 to 10 Lacs
New ZealandRs 9 to 18 LacsRs 7.5 Lacs
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7. Study Abroad Scholarships

  1. Excellent Scholarships are available for international students for almost all countries.
  2. Some are provided by the university, some by the government and some by other agencies.
  3. It can range from 20% to 60% of the tution fees.
  4. Mostly depend on grades and experience of the student.
  5. An early application is always beneficial for scholarships benefits.

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8. Documents Required For Applications

  1. Documents required for university applications are academics, passport, work experience, statement of purpose, letter of reference, IELTS, CV, etc.
  2. For undergraduate admission, a predicted scorecard is required from the school.
  3. Applicants can apply without ielts (except Canada).
  4. If some documents are pending, students can get a conditional offer.
  5. Applications should be made well on time else you may miss the desired intake.

9.Application & Admission Process to Study Abroad

  1. Study Abroad application process involves lot of steps which need to be completed in a timely manner.
  2. Every step is very specific and if you miss any information it can lead to rejection of application.
  3. Some universities also take interviews before granting admission. We assist our students to prepare for interview.
  4. Take assisstence of  for application & admission process.

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Trinity college dublin

10. MBA

  1. MBA is the most sought after program, and students from any background can apply for the same.
  2. There are MBA options without work experience & GMAT also.
  3. There are specializations in MBA for eg. Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Hospitality, Supply Chain Management, etc.
  4. Almost all countries offer MBA program.
  5. Its fees ranges from Rs 8 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs for the entire program.


  1. In most of the countries, international students can work part time while studying and earn good salaries.
  2. They can work on campus or off campus.
  3. There is a minimum wage rate policy for every country.
  4. On an average a student is allowed to work 20hrs per week while studying and full time during vacations.
  5. A student can earn on an average Rs 5 to 6 lakhs p.a. by working part time.
best study abroad consultants in delhi
best study abroad consultants


  1. In most of the countries you can stay back and work after your studies are over.
  2. This not only allows you to earn but also apply for permanent residency of that country.
  3. Canada offers upto 3 years stay back.
  4. Ireland offers upto 2 years stay back.
  5. UK offers upto 2 years stay back.
  6. Germany offers upto 18 months stay back.
  7. New Zealand offers upto 3 years stay back.
  8. Australia offers upto 2 years stay back.


  1. Preparation of Student Visa File should be strictly done as per embassy guidelines.
  2. Don’t take risk by applying yourself as you may not be aware of most of the visa requirements and procedure.
  3. Usually visa can be applied 3 months before the course start date.
  4. Most of the embassies process their visas through VFS offices.
  5. As study visa consultants in Delhi, we assist our students with visa checklist for different countries.

Why Choose Global Edge as Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi?

We provide in-depth counselling for shiksha study abroad as per student's profile and budget.

We provide admission assistance for most of the Universities abroad including top 100 Global Universities of the world.

We assist in applications, SOP & LOR, admission, scholarships, visa file preparation & much more.

Dedicated and Experienced team of professionals to take care of your overseas education & shiksha study abroad needs.

Global Edge represents Universities and Colleges in more than 21 countries like Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Netherland, New Zealand, Australia, etc.



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