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Global Edge Sends Students to More than 21 Countries Worldover

Undergraduate Education System in UK 

  • OXBRIDGE: If Cambridge or Oxford University is included in UCAS, the deadline will be 15th October of the previous year. They have there exam to be undertaken called Oxbridge. It is extremely competitive process & you may get in touch with us. 
  • Duration: Bachelors Degree is for 3 or 4 years. 
  • Sandwich Programs: They are 4 years of UG programme. The 3rd year is an industrial placement year. Students gain practical experience relevant to the programme thus making him more ready for the job market.
  • University Rankings: Universities are ranked as per the discipline of the subject. Some of the top universities are:

University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, St Andrews University, Kings College, UCL, University of Glasgow, Warwick University, etc

UCAS Application Process

  • Before applying, check the minimum entry qualification. Don’t apply to over ambitious universities and waste your 5 choices.
  • You can submit only one UCAS application form per year.
  • You have to upload only 1 essay which is common to all applications.
  • UCAS will send a copy of application to each of your chosen university. Each university will consider your application and send details of its decision to UCAS. UCAS will forward the decision to you.
  • If all your chosen universities reject your application, you will still be able to apply to another UK institution through Clearing.


Clearing is a process that allows students to apply to universities for courses that have vacancies. Only those who have not been able to find a place in any university can apply under clearing.  It occurs in July and August. You will be eligible for Clearing if :

  • You have applied to a university in the UCAS system but do not have any offers
  • None of your conditional offers have been confirmed
  • You can choose only one university at a time for clearing.

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