SDS (Student Direct Stream) Category

Students applying under SDS category must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Admission to a full-time program in a publicly-funded post-secondary institution such as universities, colleges, institutes or CEGEP

  • An IELTS score with a minimum band of 6 for each ability (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) taken within the past two years

  • Purchase of a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) (from Scotiabank) of CAD $10,000 to cover living expenses for the first year of stay in Canada

  • Proof of payment of the tuition fee for one (1) year

  • Upfront medical examination at least one week before submission of the application.

Advantages of Applying Under SDS Category

  • Less financial documentation in visa file

  • Faster visa processing time.

Citizens of India who wish to apply under SDS can choose any private, public college or university that has a DLI number. A Designated Learning Institution (DLI) is an institute approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students.

There are in total 1379 DLI institutes in Canada in different provinces and a detailed list can be seen at the immigration website.

To Apply for a study permit and then later for post study work permit a student will need to have a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution (DLI).


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