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Global Edge Sends Students to More than 21 Countries Worldover

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Business and Law:

Accounting and Finance, Economics, Global Management, Banking and Finance, Business Analytics, Actuarial, Risk Management, Law

Computer and Engineering:

Computer Science, Data Science, Cyber Security, Software , Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Fintech, Automotive, Biotechnology, Sustainability.

Health and Life Sciences:

Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Biomedical Science, Mathematics,Psychology, Education, Nursing

Arts and Design:

Art, Fashion, Product Design, Architecture, Graphic, Theatre, Music, Hospitality, etc


  • MBA in UK is a very sought after program and offers various specialisations like marketing, human resource, international business, business analytics, healthcare, finance, supply chain management, etc. 
  • Cost of MBA in UK varies from Rs 12 lacs to Rs 45 lacs for a 1 or 2 year program. 
  • Top ranked MBA Schools are London Business School, Said Business School, Manchester Business School, Warwick Business School.   

 Entry Requirements in General for MBA:

  • Academic requirement is a minimum 55% aggregate in undergraduate degree.   
  • Work Experience ranging from 1 to 5 years at managerial level is preferred.
  • Some universities also ask for GMAT, most of them do not
  • An updated resume, essays, letter of recommendation, ielts, interview.
  • Admission officers are looking for strong leadership skills, academic achievements, and highly motivated candidates.

Medical Studies in UK


  • Easy Admission Compared to India, Canada & USA
  • You can practice in India or anywhere in the world


  • You have to apply through UCAS but only 4 options are available and in the fifth, you apply to a corresponding program (to be on a safer side)
  • There are tests to be taken – U CAT/ B MAT (can be taken only once)
  • There is also an interview taken called Mini Multiple Interviews. Usually in the university.

Admission Requirements

  • Chemistry is required in 12th; Bio is preferred with 90% above;  ielts required 7.0
  • Some kind of internship or project should be undertaken to show your purpose. 

Course Duration:

  • 5 to 8 years (depending on your specilisation- GP, Surgery, Optha, Pediatriatic,etc)
  • The first 2 yrs are the foundation years in the university and thereafter you are moved to a hospital. 


  • First 2 years is Rs 19 to 20 lacs per annum and thereafter it is Rs 30 to 40 lacs per annum.
  • However, there are much cheaper and more sure options in countries like Ireland & Czech Republic.
  • After the degree (MB), student can sit for the MCI exam. 

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